A bouquet of thanks from Spring Grove

Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful article on Spring Grove by Gretchen Keen in the April Cincy Magazine. I was absolutely delighted and appreciate how she wrote about the Scottish ("gypsies") with respect and dignity. Both pieces were beautifully written and everyone at Spring Grove was so pleased.

Phillip J. Nuxhall
Historian and tour coordinator for the Heritage Foundation of Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum

Tall Stacks is part of American history

I relocated to the USA in 1990 as a sales manager and have been amazed at what this country has to offer. On one of my first sales trips driving through Kentucky I came across a flier for Tall Stacks and made plans to go back through Cincy
immediately. I was amazed by the whole thing "” the beauty of the boats and the enthusiasm of the crowd and the crews of the boats. Like others, I am astonished that this event lost money. I think the younger generation needs to know and understand the history of this great country and the river that helped support a nation. There's more to life and history than the 20th and 21st centuries. Let's find a way to keep this event on the book. On our last visit we traveled from Charleston, S.C. That's how much we enjoy this event. Don't let a good thing die. Find a way to make it work.

Christopher Kent, Huntley, IL

Success Awards Were a big ... Success

"Outstanding" is all I can say after the homerun you hit with the Tristate
Success Awards dinner (April 21). Thanks for allowinig our company, ProMaster Home Repair and Handyman of Cincinnati, to take part in such a momentous event. The success of the awards dinner is just as much about your success as it is ours. I appreciate everything you are doing for the Cincinanti business community. In a media often focused on the negative, Cincy represents the positive voice.

Don Kennedy, president, ProMaster

In defense of the Empowerment Zone

In exploring problems in Over-the-Rhine, a group of my students determined that the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation effectively develops economic opportunities, thereby providing the area with better opportunities for improved quality of life. In addition, their study emphasizes their finding that the CEC more efficiently and effectively uses resources than the city department charged with the same purpose.

Their study was a class assignment: identify inefficient or ineffective use of resources in a state or local agency; identify stakeholders; research the problem; propose a solution. The researchers, three Sycamore High School juniors, submitted a documented researched analytical essay and shared their research via a multi-media presentation to the class. At the time of their presentation, their classmates felt these findings should be shared with a wider audience.

Connie Smith, teacher, Sycamore High School

Bronson was unfair to Ryan Widmer

I read with great and personal interest Peter Bronson's column "Ryan and Sarah" in the April Cincy Magazine. I too have reached a conclusion: That Bronson's arrogance is greatly exceeded by his ignorance and that his opinion is greatly influenced by his imagination. Facial expressions do not make evidence. You take too many unearned liberties.

F.H. Dornbusch, Burgin, KY

Bronson is welcome in Cincy

While I was waiting in my doctor's office Monday, I picked up a new publication called Cincy Magazine and was absolutely delighted to see an article written by Peter Bronson. As a subscriber to the Enquirer for almost 40 years I was sad to see him leave since I enjoyed his column and it was the first article I always read in the morning. Best wishes and good luck with Cincy Magazine.

Hank Goertemiller

Correction: Our April edition incorrectly reported that Julie Calvert has a law degree from the University of Cincinnati. Also, the local chapter of the American Marketing Association's Marketer of the Year award was presented to the Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau.