Title Town No More?

Although Dave Lapham is right (“Title Town No More?”, December) — that Paul Brown was a more impressive owner/ general manager of the Bengals than Mike Brown — Paul was not a great Bengals head coach, as Lapham hints. From a winning percentage perspective, he was 55-56-1.

The Bengals have had only two head coaches with career winning records while with the Bengals: Bill Johnson and Forrest Gregg. Paul Brown as an owner and GM presided over an overall team losing record from 1968-1991 to boot. So much for greatness there.

The franchise’s overall winning percentage is below 44 percent. This puts the Bengals amongst the sixth worst current teams in NFL franchise history based on winning percentage.

John F. Michel
Hyde Park

Playhouse Move?

This story about the possible move of Playhouse in the Park (“Mount Drama,” December) was nicely comprehensive in examining the issue from a variety of viewpoints. I sensed that in an average-sized city like this one, many of the comments were guarded or diplomatic in order to preserve working relationships.

Not a bad thing, but the move would do more harm than good to the city, which really must be our larger, shared concern.

In our recent (15-20) year history we have sacrificed a lot of lambs on the altar of “saving Downtown,” and this will be another. City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr. captured it nicely by saying we don’t have a plan for depriving Eden Park/Mount Adams of a vital force in order to move it 10 minutes away. I think we should be considering, rather, a park board-sponsored shuttle bus to and from Downtown arts and Eden Park. Also, existing Downtown venues like Music Hall shouldn’t be further cannibalized by moving the opera around willy-nilly.

As for Ed Stern’s concerns about younger theatergoers, I think a stimulating performing season would draw them no matter where the Playhouse is located.

E. Markham

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