“The articles are well written and insightful! It is great to read and be informed about the business professionals in the Tristate.”

The new Cincy
I did a double-take when I saw the new Cincy on the newstand, then realized it’s a new name and look for a magazine I’ve been enjoying for some time. I like it even more now.
Herb Scharnhorst

I just read your publisher’s letter from the latest edition of Cincy, The Magazine for Business Professionals. The articles are well written and insightful! It is great to read and be informed about the business professionals in the Tristate. I look forward to the 10 issues in 2008.
Scott Reese
Vice President of Sales
Premier Ink Systems

Westside Dining
That was a nice article about Primavista restaurant (“A Jolly Panorama,” December). My only complaint is we don’t have more places like this in western Cincinnati. Now Rondo’s has closed. For those of us who moved farther west, it’s a long haul to try new, good restaurants.
Deborah McElroy


Judy Thompson, executive director of the AdClub of Cincinnati, was misidentified in a Cincy Scene photo (December).
John F. Michel was misidentified and misquoted in the December story on charitable giving. He is the Tax Practice Leader for the Cincinnati office of Grant Thornton, and the National Tax Partner-in-Charge of the Real Estate/Hospitality subsegment under Grant Thornton’s Construction/Real Estate/Hospitality practice. His comment should have read, “An IRA account is really treated as Income in Respect of a Decedent, or IRD.”


The $125-per-hour fee paid to Tower Place Mall’s Joseph Gyarmati (“Salary Guide,” December) was for his work as our cover model. The Santa’s helper at Tower Place Mall charges a much lower scale for greeting and sitting down with kids.
The December story about executive air travel reported a typical charter flight costs $2,000 per hour. That price may apply to charter jets, but piston-driven prop aircraft can be chartered for as low as $475 per hour, according to Amy Christian of Blue Ash Aviation and There By Air Charters. Also, Schmidt Aviation, listed on the accompanying chart, was acquired by Blue Ash Aviation.