"Rating the 'Burbs" (April 2007) showcases some great places to live. I should know"”I lived in West Chester for years. I liked everything you pointed out about life in the suburbs and a lot more.
But here's hoping that you'll print a really comprehensive counterpoint to life in the 'burbs, something for those of us who need a close proximity to live jazz, sushi and yes, I'll say it, a late-night beer instead of yet another dissertation about where our unborn kids should someday go to school. Prowling urban farmer's markets, last-minute stops at the Art Museum, late-night pizza by the slice and $5 dollar cab rides to anywhere you want to go. It's life in the anti-'burbs, and for many of us, it's home.
Lisa Nichols
Ruby Honey Marketing

I was so surprised that Fort Thomas was not mentioned in "Rating the 'Burbs." Is Fort Thomas really not one of the safe places to live and is it not one of the top public schools systems? 
 JoAnn Cornett,  Broker

Editor's Note: As noted in "Behind the Numbers," "Rating the 'Burbs" encompassed only communities with median housing values above a specific amount, which is why some exceptional local school districts, such as Oak Hills or Fort Thomas, were not examined this time.
Your April story [on meeting space] states I have a dozen years of experience. Actually, I'm celebrating my 33rd year in this business, the last 15 with the Sharonville Convention Center. (One of my colleagues caught this and razzed me about looking so old for only doing this for a dozen years!) Hey, I've worked hard at getting all this grey hair over the past 33 years. I've earned the seniority!
William E. Greiner, Director
Sharonville Convention Center