God Without Theology?
It is absurd to do an entire article on the growth of non-denominational churches ("God, Inc.," June/July) without once mentioning theology as it would be to write on the deterioration of the Big Three's auto market dominance without once comparing domestic and import cars.

Non-denominational churches nearly uniformly have a conservative theology that has been rejected by mainline Protestant denominations. The "lifestyle" choice made by the non-denominational congregants goes well beyond Starbucks coffee and soccer fields, and has to do as well with condemnations of homosexuality, polygamy and paganism in general, and the embrace of traditional roles, relationships and religion.

One huge problem with current mainstream denominational thought is that it is a dressed-up version of a teenager's "Well, everyone's doing it""”while families trying to raise kids right understand it is too namby-pamby to be helpful.

Patrick Nesbitt
Attorney at Law
West Chester

Circus Master
Just a quick note to thank you for the fun and flattering article ("P.T. Barnum Lives! The Man and Story Behind the Purple People Bridge Climb," June/July).

I have had numerous comments from friends and associates who read the article and have now teased me profusely about being P.T. Barnum.

If the shoe fits, wear it!

Dennis L. Speigel, President,
International Theme Park Services, Inc.
Managing Member,
Purple People Bridge Climb LLC

The Entrepreneur Toolkit Resource Directory (June/July) had incorrect contact information for two companies. For BKD, LLP, contact Tim Wilson at 513-621-8300, e-mail twilson@bkd.com, or visit www.bkd.com. For Intrinzic Marketing and Design Inc., the correct web address is www.intrinzicinc.com, and the new telephone number is 859-261-2200.

The Cincy Scene photos from the Inclusion Network Leadership Awards (June/July) incorrectly identified the sponsor. which is The Inclusion Network (www.inclusion.org).