Maisonette Mayhem
The article on the closing of the Maisonette was very informative ("The Rise and Fall of Maisonette," December/January issue). I wonder just how many of those who purchased those $22,500 "gift certificates" were left holding the bag. Informal estimates show around $500,000 was left on the table. I would have liked that question to have been asked and answered in that informative piece.
I think it answers why there was NO warning as to the closing of the Maisonette. Any other restaurant would have had a final Harrah. Instead the Maisonette had a final "Ha! Ha!" on its trusting customers.
Other quality restaurants continue to succeed downtown, such as Ruby's and Pigalls.
Tino Delgato
P.S. I am sending out Maisonette gift certificates for Christmas; the gift that keeps on taking.

Entertaining Advertising
Publishing our Ad Club Directory within the pages of "Cincinnati's Guide to Advertising & Marketing 2006" has clearly sparked some new interest in The Advertising Club of Cincinnati. I found the stories by Deborah Rutledge, focusing on a few of Cincinnati's intriguing advertising personalities, most entertaining. And, in my opinion, the ads were even more fun than the editorial content! 
Judy Thompson
Executive Director
Advertising Club of Cincinnati

Pure Romance
Brooke Bunch's captivating profile of the founder of Pure Romance (December/January) was the primary reason I bought your magazine. That story alone was worth the $3.95 price tag.
Neville Marlinger

Wrong Spelling
On page 9 of the December/January issue, you have a picture in the bottom right corner showing me as an employee of General Mills. I proudly work for Fifth-Third Securities. Oh, and my last name is spelled wrong, too.
Dan Vaughan
Assistant Vice President
5/3 Securities

Editor's Note: Cincy Business regrets the error.

The December/January article about the Verdin Company incorrectly identified Jim Verdin. Pictured at the Verdin Bell and Clock Museum are (from left) Robert J. Verdin, CEO; David E. Verdin, Vice President; and James R. Verdin, President.