Woman CEOs

I wanted to write and say that the profile of University of Cincinnati president Nancy Zimpher (in the spring issue) was very interesting. I am sure we can expect great things from her.

There is a real place for a publication like your magazine in Cincinnati. I hope you will continue focusing in as much on the women who run businesses here as the men. I think the article falsely painted a picture that relatively few women run businesses as CEOs in Cincinnati. I personally know of quite a few women who run companies here.

Melissa Tragert
Tragert & Dempsey

Editor's Note: The article in question, "The Zen of Zimpher," attempted to point out that there are relatively few female chief executives running LARGE employers in Greater Cincinnati. Certainly there are many woman CEOs at smaller and mid-sized companies, and Cincy Business plans to profile many of them in this and coming issues.

''Great Content'

I just read my first edition of Cincy Business and I am hooked. Great content and a very polished presentation. I can't wait to see what's next. Keep up the good work!

Ryan Clark

'A Pleasure'

I just signed up for the magazine and viewed the Web site. It was a pleasure. Good luck with the magazine.

Thomas G. Hayden
Marsh Inc.

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