When you’re putting your child in the care of others for 40-plus hours a week, it’s best to find the perfect match for your family’s needs. Increased diversity in childcare options is ensuring that parents can find the care that’s right for their children.

For parents with unconventional working hours, finding a daycare that’s open at night can be a challenge. Skiddadles Inc., a drop-in daycare center, has caught on to these changing needs of parents. It’s an “anytime, any day” childcare provider that has extended morning and evening hours, open from 5 a.m. to midnight. With its two locations in Mason and Florence, Skiddadles is catering to working parents all over the Tristate.

“At Skidaddles, they have security knowing the children are safe, any time of day,” says Marketing Coordinator Amanda Rath. Themed days ensure kids are having fun from the moment they get there, to the moment they leave. “We wanted a center to go beyond traditional babysitting,” says Owner Tiffany Sams. “We care for children 18 months to 12 years old, with specialized programs for every age group.”

Facilities like Redwood in Fort Mitchell care for children of all needs and abilities. Redwood provides not only a watchful eye, but also a learning environment. With nearly 15 educational care programs, split into age groups, from speech therapy for all ages to early intervention for preschool and younger, children can truly find a path tailored to their needs. Set up on an academic calendar, Telly McGaha, chief development officer says, “The goal is for children to start at Redwood and develop appropriately… graduating from each program.”

Redwood goes one step further with programs not only for children with special needs, but for their siblings, too. “Children with special needs not only develop better when interacting with peers, but children gain more exposure to those with special needs,” says McGaha. Although located in Northern Kentucky, Redwood serves children throughout Indiana and Ohio as well.

For parents looking to teach their children before and beyond the classroom, there are daycares like All About Kids. All About Kids has implemented new programs that not only teach children valuable skills, but take them outside a desk, too. The center’s green programs teach kids all about the environment. Rain from enviro-friendly roofing systems allows kids to recycle water into the school’s garden. “The kids can plant and water flowers and vegetables, watching them grow,” says Kelly Carpenter, Mason location director. “If it’s a food, we will cut it up so kids can taste the final product.”

All locations have Spanish immersion programs starting at age 2. At no additional cost, children begin learning new languages and cultures. “Two times a week kids are learning words in Spanish, with activities completely in Spanish,” says Director of the Lakota location Jayme Murray. “By Pre-K, kids know all the numbers, colors and days of the week in Spanish,” adds Carpenter.

Whether parents keep odd work hours, need unique and specialized care or just want to open a child’s eyes to new experiences, new choices are there for custom childcare.