Jessi Martin is the poster girl for the American Diabetes Association.  Literally.

Jessi, age 8, is a Type 1 diabetic who was recently featured in a mass mailing out of the organization's Alexandria, Virginia, offices. The fundraising campaign emphasizes that more than 1 million Ohioans alone have diabetes, and that "Odds are, you know someone who is living with diabetes."

The Clermont County girl, for her part, spends much of her free time traveling Ohio, visiting summer camps and other locales to speak on how managing the disease can make the difference in living a long, healthy life.

"Her dad and I are both nurses. We encouraged Jessie when she was little to speak out, to not hide her diabetes," says her mom, Debi.
Jessi, diagnosed with Type 1 when she was 2, points to her black pack loaded with an insulin pump, and labels it her buddy. "I call it life in a bag," she is saying, as she pokes her finger and draws blood for a test. "119 blood sugar. Just right."

And what does the 8-year-old want the people of Cincinnati"”and the country, thanks to the ADA poster campaign"”to know? "I want them to know that diabetes is not something you die from."