It was 40 years ago that “Bo” Wood taught the band to play. Or more to the point, it’s when Wood first turned his dad’s classical music station, WEBN, into a rock ‘n’ roll dynasty.

Call it what you will: 102.7 FM. The Frog. The Lunatic Fringe of American FM radio. Or just those crazy folks who throw the ‘EBN fireworks bash every Labor Day.

WEBN has been a part of the Cincinnati radio culture for so long now that its on-air talent is legendary. From the Dawn Patrol’s Robin Wood (who now shepherds a new business, Robin Wood Flowers) to Eddie Fingers, Jay Gilbert, Jerry Galvin, Rick Bird, and, oh yes, Wild Man Walker and Bob the Producer, the creative juices that have flowed through the FM airwaves have given Cincinnati some of its most outrageous mythology. Who can forget Plummet Mall. Or Negative Calorie Cookies. Or Brute Force Cybernetics and the April Fool’s Day Parade. If these phrases aren’t part of your nomenclature, then you probably didn’t grow up in Cincy during the 1960s and ‘70s.

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