Two years after Marge Schott's death, the iconic Schott Buick sign that dominated a leg of Montgomery Road in Norwood for decades now adds "Mark Sweeney Buick."

But the word "Buick" may soon become a dim memory in Norwood.

Monopoly Ltd., a real estate development firm based in Clifton, purchased the aging dealership property at 4300-4301 Montgomery Road for $950,000. Mark Freiberg of The Everest Group/TCN Worldwide, who represented Schottco Corp. in the deal, says Monopoly plans to redevelop the property, most likely for retail use. It includes the dealership building (constructed in 1940), two overgrown paved lots and a body shop across the street.

Mark Sweeney, of Walt Sweeney Pontiac/GMC Truck, took over the Schott Buick dealership after the former Cincinnati Reds owner died. But he always planned to combine his dealerships at another location.

Sweeney Buick's exit means that for the first time in 80 years, Norwood has no General Motors connection. The GM plant that contributed 35 percent of the city's tax base for 64 years closed in 1987. No other GM dealerships operate here.

As Marge might have grumbled, it's the end of an era, honey.