Hannah and Alex Laman are just your average 11-year-old twins. They attend school during the day and their afternoons are filled with activities like soccer and basketball. However, in their free time they head a nonprofit organization that provides books to underserved children.

Books are a staple in the Laman household. Their Loveland home overflows with titles from every genre, so it’s no surprise that Hannah and Alex grew up reading. They were shocked to learn that the rest of the world wasn’t the same way.

“We were sort of sad because we love reading and it’s weird to see kids that … didn’t have a book,” says Alex.

In October of 2011, the twins heard about a school that didn’t have books, consequently hindering its students’ reading abilities. Two months later, they began Adopt-A-Book.

The premise of the organization is to collect new or gently used books and then give them to an organization in need. Initially, the twins dealt with one school, but word got out and the requests came pouring in.

“One school didn’t even have a library, well they did, but they had to close it down,” says Alex.

To date, Adopt-A-Book has collected and donated more than 37,000 books and hopes to reach 40,000 by the end of the month.

The twins hope to reach the goal of 1 million books in the next ten years, and they intend to keep the organization up and running as long as they can, especially as the volume of donations increases.

“Yeah, if it continues to grow we can do it,” says Alex.