Most Catholic schools have ongoing admission activities throughout the year prior to enrolling. Most have open house dates for you to visit and tour the school. Most also have shadow days for your child to spend a day at the school -- interacting with current students, teachers, and administrators.

Or just call the Catholic school in your area for a personalized tour. You’ll get a great sense of the welcoming nature of the schools starting with your very first contact.

Visit several schools, and you will notice some variation in programs, instructional offerings, and school settings. What you will see in all the schools is a living commitment to enrich each child and grow them in faith, character, and values for a lifetime. There is no substitute for getting that feeling when you find the best school fit for you and your child.

Catholic schools will help you with the application forms and registration, as well as working to develop just the right program for your child. Whether a child needs help, is gifted, or has special service plans and needs, the schools will take time to make sure your child receives the best programs suited just for them.

Students in Catholic schools share equitably in all federal education programs, each school can help to ensure that your child receives all the benefits to which they are entitled.