In 1964, 9-year-old Dave Devey came to Falcon Camp in Carrolton, Ohio for the first time. He loved it so much that he bought the camp in 1984 and is now the owner and director.

While not everyone can become the director of the camp they went to, there are many advantages to children attending a summer camp, even if they only stay for one week. “You’re learning skills you can use for a lifetime,” Devey says. “It’s part of what makes summer camp unique and special.”

Devey says Falcon Camp’s motto, “fun for now, skills for life,” speaks to the benefits children gain from camp. At Falcon Camp, campers ages 6-16 can learn through canoeing, sailing, horseback riding, caring for horses, swimming, drama, crafts, sports, archery, fishing, hiking and more.

Camp can be intimidating at first because children may not know any other campers or have experience in all of the camp activities. As children make new friends and try new activities, they gain more self-confidence, develop a sense of independence, learn to manage new situations and have pride after conquering new and exciting challenges. These are building blocks that give children skills that carry over into school, social situations, the workforce and beyond.

“[Camp] activities almost tend to be a means to teach other things,” Devey says. “They just happen to be really fun.”

Falcon Camps offers a one-week overnight program for children ages 6-9 and programs that range from two to eight weeks for campers ages 10-16.