Every parent comes to the point when you have to give up the pretense of being "cool" at least in public. My children are still young, so I'm still adjusting because I am cool, you know. On a recent Sunday afternoon, we went to the car show so I could check out a new sports car I have my eye on. But before you could say "turbo," I found myself tending to my child who was throwing a tantrum sprawled out on the floor in the middle of the crowd. Children sure do re-set priorities, don't they?


Now that I got that off my chest, we are very excited to launch Cincy's Family Guide, a special annual issue in response to overwhelming feedback from our 15,000 subscribers. Anytime we publish a story about fun things to do with children, we receive calls for additional issues and requests for other resources. So, we felt it was the right time to dedicate an entire issue to meet the demand.


There is no question that the Cincinnati Museum Center is a true treasure. We are thrilled to partner with them for the publication.


We know there's so much more. Please let us know what you think. Email me at eharmon@cincymagazine.com, or reach us on Facebook or Twitter.


I never did get to see that new sports car. Did I mention we are in the market for a minivan?

Cincy's Family Guide 2012: everything family and fun in the Tristate.
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