Moving can be stressful for anyone — especially if you’re a retiree moving from a house to a retirement village or condo community. But you’re not alone.
For two decades, Welcome Home: Moving and Settling-Services, LLC has been working with Tristate residents. This isn’t your average moving company. They come to your home, help you sort through your possessions, assist in deciding what to take, and aid in getting rid of the rest. They even pack up your old home and unpack in your new one.
The company is the concept of local interior designer Lisa McLaughlin. When she started the business in 1987, the staff consisted of one other woman. Lisa worked 12-hour days, and she and her clients were exhausted at the end of a move. Now, at their 20th anniversary, Welcome Home owns their own truck and has their own moving staff.
Molli and Maria McLaughlin, Lisa’s daughter and daughter-in-law, are in charge of the dayto- day operations. When asked what makes Welcome Home unique, Maria says they make your new residence “feel like home in a day or two.”
She’s not exaggerating. Welcome Home not only unpacks your boxes, they make your beds, set up every room of your new living space, organize the closets, and leave mints and water on your nightstand. They even hang your pictures on the walls and help with interior design.
Around 95 percent of their clients are seniors, but they will move anyone — as long as the move is within a 50-mile radius of Cincinnati. Many newer clients are children of the seniors they have moved who were impressed by the company’s devotion to its clients.
Molli states, “Our biggest joy is making our clients happy — we love being a company that has lasted 20 years mainly on word of mouth.”
The two women smile as they recount a recent move. An elderly couple lived in the same home in Clifton for 45 years. Welcome Home measured their furniture, drew up a floor plan of their new residence, and sent two women to go through decades of possessions, piece by piece. They moved into the Deupree House, a local retirement community, and the couple didn’t have to do anything. When they saw their new home, they were so thrilled they cried.
Both women say these moments are the best part of their job. Maria insists, “We are passionate about the people we work with — you are dealing with people and their treasures, their memories.”
Welcome Home is the oldest settling-in company in the area, and the only one that owns the entire operation. If something goes wrong with a move, they take care of it. Consultations are free, and an average move can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000, depending on the volume of possessions that need to be sorted. They’re always willing to work within a client’s budget. Molli maintains that “we do as much or as little as they need us to do.”