Replacing the spaghetti in Cincinnati three-ways with cheesy macaroni might sound like a covert plan to keep our health insurance premiums rising at record levels, but fear not: One serving of Gold Star’s Chili Mac & Cheese has 21 grams of fat.

That’s 33 percent of your daily suggested intake — which is 13 percent less than you get with a regular Gold Star three-way’s 30 grams of fat! As it turns out, the shredded cheese that’s usually piled on a chili-spaghetti combo is pared down on the Chili Mac & Cheese (as if there were such a thing as too much cheese for one meal), which actually makes it a little better for you. And don’t think you’re safe with Skyline. Its regular three-way has 44 grams of fat.

Gold Star Field Marketing Manager Mickey Kamfjord says the Chili Mac & Cheese has been “really well received” since its promotion began on Oct. 6 — it will even be offered through the end of the year instead of through Nov. 1, as originally planned.

“It’s something that we see a lot of adults liking, but I think it’s really appealing to kids, too,” she says.