Executive Director United Coalition for Animals
UCAN’s Price Hill-based spay/neuter clinic offers high-quality, affordable spay/neuter surgeries to low-income Tristate communities. April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month.

Q: How many cats and dogs does the Cincinnati area euthanize each year?

More than 30,000.

Q: How many surgeries has UCAN performed since it opened last April?

More than 4,000.

Q: What are UCAN’s goals for 2008?

Goals include performing 10,000 spay/neuter surgeries, adding two sites for our “transport” services (we currently have eight sites where we pick up animals, transport them to our clinic, do surgery and then return the animals), adding another full-time veterinarian to our surgical team (we currently have just one) and expanding community outreach to help more people realize the importance of spaying and neutering their pets.

Q: Have you bought anything from Pedigree Interiors, UCAN’s non-profit furniture consignment shop (located at 9889 Montgomery Road)?

I have purchased items there — some before being involved as executive director of UCAN. My favorite is a beautiful red leather office chair. Pedigree’s many volunteers generate significant income for UCAN by selling outstanding furniture, household items, jewelry and more.

Q: Now for the tough question: Are you a cat person or a dog person?

I’m very much a dog person with two miniature wiener (dachshunds) mutts. I’m not a cat person for one main reason: I’m very allergic to cats. What can be better than being director of an animal program and being allergic to cats?