Anyone who’s worked in an office has at one time gone on a great paper chase. Perhaps someone sorted a file incorrectly, or a mischievous cabinet sprite decided to play a trick on the office personnel and a much-needed document has gone missing. Of course, this document is necessary to continue on with the day’s work and business grinds to a standstill.

And so the hunt begins. Drawers are scoured once and twice. Then, a third time for good measure. Filing cabinets are emptied and turned over — perhaps it slipped underneath one of the steel behemoths. Eventually the hunt leads to a dead end of despair.document that passes through its doors. Typically, 40 percent of what a company sends in is scanned for the electronic database because it regularly accessed. The remaining 60 percent is stored safely and securely in the warehouse until it is needed for retrieval, at which time it is scanned and sent via the internet to the client.

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