More businesses are realizing that the future of the Earth is placed squarely on the shoulders of society. And that includes plumbers who carry the Green Screen Mark and educate people about the benefits of having a green plumbing system, offer homeowners products and services that can improve energy and water efficiency. Mays Khalaf, operations manager of AA Plumbing, points out easy things you can do to make your plumbing system more efficient:

Install efficient tankless or solar water heaters, which can save up to 33-51 percent in water and energy consumption.

Insulate around accessible hot water pipes, particularly those within three feet of your hot water tank. This will help keep the water in your pipes warm so you won’t need to run as much water from the tap waiting for the hot to arrive.

Add low flow aerators, about $5, to all the faucets in your home. Faucets installed prior to 1994 use an excessive amount of water compared to today’s models. An aerator can cut waste by 25 percent.

Check for toilet leaks by adding some food coloring (or even cold coffee) to the tank and wait a few minutes. If the food coloring shows up in the bowl, the toilet is leaking. 

Lower the temperature on your hot water heater. Lowering the temperature by a few degrees will save you money on your energy bills. Experts recommend setting your water heater temperature no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Install a low-flow shower head. Advances in low flow showerhead technology mean you likely won’t feel any difference, but your water usage will drop dramatically. The newest models still produce strong water pressure while using much less water.