If the world of commercial Realtors and construction developers in the Tristate were to raise a collective flag above their ranks these days, the color of that flag would surely have to be green.

Green, as in money and increased revenues, to be sure. The local development scene is as healthy as it's ever been. But also green, as in the environment.

"The market itself has been very strong, perhaps at historic rates over the past two or three years," comments Peter S. Strange, chairman of Messer construction company. "We haven't had a true mega project since the stadium, but the flow is still at dynamic levels."

As the construction market soars, so does the concern for saving on energy costs. Two buzzwords that dominate the industry right now are "green" and "sustainable," explains Messer Vice President Mark S. Luegering. "We're not at the level of global warming in the construction community, but we are engaged in constructing buildings that run efficiently."

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