Diane Emmich's husband bought her a pygmy goat for Valentine's Day several years ago after she fell in love with one she saw in her son's kindergarten class.

Today, that first investment has grown into B&D Goats in New Richmond, which sells goat's milk products including soap, lotion, cheese, fudge and ice cream.

Emmich decided to try her hand at making goat's milk soap around 2003, using what was leftover from the gallon of milk that her dairy goats produced each day.

"I started getting on the internet looking for recipes and talking to other soap makers. My first batch was really non-descript," Emmich says. "My poor husband and son were my guinea pigs, but I finally got a batch I liked."

Now Emmich sells her products throughout Cincinnati. B&D Goats even received second place for the best goat's milk lotion at the American Dairy Goat Association's National Bath and Body Competition.

"I think I've really found my niche here in Cincinnati because there aren't a lot of people who raise goats and do this kind of thing," she says.

To purchase B&D Goats products, visit Bethel Feed and Grain, Tusculum Trading Co. in Columbia Tusculum or Sunrock Farm in Wilder. You can also order online at www.b-dgoats.com. Emmich can also be found on select days at the farmer's markets in Mount Washington, Milford and Hyde Park. B&D Goats also sells free-range eggs and bread products.