The Tristate area offers many options for adults wishing to continue their education, advance their careers through education, or even switch careers entirely. And if you think doing this will cause the headache of juggling schedules or the frustration of compromising your valuable downtime, think again. Thanks to online and hybrid classes, accelerated courses and customization, higher education has really evolved.

Use this “Education Update 2008” as your guide to find out what awaits you at local schools and universities.

The Art InsTITute of Cincinnati

The Art Institute of Cincinnati offers only one program, but by focusing entirely on their associate degree of applied science in design/computer graphics, the Tri-county school turns out students primed for careers in design, advertising, packaging and more. The associate degree takes two years and is slightly intensive, with eight quarters in two years and 117 total credit hours. This “boutique” art school typically has less than 100 students enrolled, meaning more personal attention to help students refine their own styles.

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