The view of the Ohio River is the draw at Corbin Park on Riverside Drive, East End. And the townhouse floor plans reflect that role.

“An open floor plan allows for maximum flexibility in interior design,” says Mark Kalb of Revolution Properties, and that becomes all the more important when optimizing a river view. The Ohio River to the south, as well as the energy-saving LEED green features, easily become stars of the three-and-four-floor townhouses in the urban development’s first phase.

One couple took it to the extent of moving the floor with the living room, dining room and kitchen to the top floor. With the rooftop terrace on the top floor as well it creates a fantastic living and entertaining floor with a river view and deck.

Only three Riverview home lots remain, and the path of the Ohio River Bike Trail has been set to head up the west side of Corbin Park to enhance the park-like setting. Drop by Sundays noon- 3 p.m., Corbin Park, Riverside Drive, (513) 403-6174, (513) 543-7655, www.corbinparkcincinnati.com.