It took two weeks but the staff at Beneficial Talent Source, an employment staffing and recruiting company, finally found the purple squirrel. 

Purple what?

Purple squirrel. 

“When we find something that’s just off the wall and like a needle in the haystack it’s a purple squirrel,” says Noah Berkheimer, vice president of operations at Beneficial Talent Source.

Berkheimer says one of the company’s clients in rural Indiana was seeking an American-born citizen with a background in both mechanical and electrical engineering who was also fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Japanese—in other words, a purple squirrel.

The staff at Beneficial Talent Source found the person for the job through social forums, Facebook connections and a vast network of university connections. The job candidate was a recent dual-engineering degree graduate from a university in New York that has an excellent Mandarin Chinese program, says Berkheimer.

That is just one example of the success Beneficial Talent Source has found using its savvy technological resources combined with its down-home friendliness, Berkheimer says.

“We’re based out of Thornville, Ohio,” where everyone knows everyone, says Berkheimer. “So we kind of bring that small-city approach to what we consider big business,” he says.

The company doesn’t rely strictly on technology that other recruiting firms use exclusively, Berkheimer says. Instead, Beneficial Talent Source is “very, very big on a face-to-face handshake,” he says. “We want to be a part of our client’s team. We’re not just looking at them as a number.”

Berkheimer says an important step to filling a client’s staffing need is to visit the job location as a team. Once there team members will stand or sit in the same spot that a machinist or engineer will stand or sit. “They’re feeling what that person’s going to go through on that day so they really get to know the job intimately,” Berkheimer says.

Soon Beneficial Talent Source will be using data to find the best job candidates. “Everyone is really, really big on the data trend right now,” says Berkheimer. “We want to bring that to the staffing side and [use] data to set trends for our clients so they understand with better certainty who is a good hire and who isn’t.”

Job candidates will be given tests to assess their skills, personality and various other aptitudes to create an informative file, Berkheimer says. That way “a client will not only have information they need to best manage a new hire but to coach a new hire to maximize efficiency and long-term potential of a new hire,” he says.

Berkheimer and his mother, Anita Berkheimer, started Beneficial Talent Source in 2011, he says. The company now employs 10 people and is poised for growth, he says.

Beneficial Talent Source may add five more jobs within the next six to nine months and expand from doing business in four states to five states within the next 12 months, says Berkheimer.

Regardless how big the company gets, Berkheimer says its core attributes will remain. “We just want people to know that we value people,” he says. “I don’t care if it’s someone who is applying for a custodian job or the CEO level, we have the type of service that fits everyone’s needs.”