St. Ann Catholic School in Hamilton prepares students to strive for academic excellence and to be productive citizens at a young age.

“St. Ann completes numerous service projects throughout the school year.  Some are school-wide service projects while other service projects are completed in each class,” says Principal Sarah Bitzer.

For example, the majority of the K-8 school visits the Bradford Place Nursing Home each month to have Mass with the residents, and the fourth-grade class collects pop tabs for Shriner’s Hospital.

The school, which teaches about 200 students, has a staff of 10 fulltime teachers, and there is only one class per grade level. The maximum number of students in each class is 25, which gives students lots of personal attention.

“Your St. Ann student is a pretty down-to-earth student but is always wanting to kind of give back to their community, and they’re also trying to plan ahead for their futures,” says Bitzer. “Our students are able to complete Algebra 1 their eighth-grade year. All kindergarten-through-eighth grade students complete Spanish for 70 minutes a week.”

Sixth-through-eighth graders are able to learn new technology thanks to the iPads they receive the first week of school. The iPads are then collected at the end of the school year.

“Our students are prepared to use technology when they enter high school. They have completed a science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum on their iPads. The students have learned coding, engineering and robotics. St. Ann has Goldenrod Robotics equipment that the students use along with their iPads,” says Bitzer.

St. Ann chose the iPad because it is used the most in high school.

“Our students are greatly prepared for high school.  We have had numerous students receive scholarships to local Catholic high schools for receiving 90 percent or above on the High School Placement Test,” says Bitzer.

St. Ann also has six different types of scholarships that up to 16 eighth-graders can receive and use toward their high school education.

The students come from many surrounding areas including Fairfield, Hamilton, West Chester, Edgewood and Finneytown, with 50 to 75 percent of them furthering their education at Badin High School. Many other students go on to Mt. Notre Dame and St. Xavier High School.

While St. Ann works to give their students a top-notch education, they also do what they can to build their students’ character.

“There is so much pressure with the testing, with raising the bar with academics, which is great, but then we’re also realizing that there’s more to a child, too, which we need to build, which is their emotional well-being, their social well-being, and when they go on to high school, they’re becoming our future leaders. This is something we can do to give back to our future generations,” says Bitzer.