When Jennifer Loy was considering where to enroll her daughter, Kennedy, in kindergarten, she was impressed with St. Ann Catholic Elementary. Make that very impressed.

“I fell in love with St. Ann,” says Loy.

Loy’s daughter is now in the third grade at St. Ann Catholic School, 3064 Pleasant Ave., Hamilton, and her son, William, attends kindergarten at the school.

“I told my husband I just felt this big warm hug and such security that they’re going to take care of my kids and they’re going to do a good job,” says Loy. “And my kids love it there.”

That’s music to St. Ann Catholic School Principal Sarah Bitzer’s ears.

“We’ve been hearing many compliments from our parents that we are a very family-focused school, so when you come in here parents feel welcome, but then we have so many different areas that challenge the students as well,” says Bitzer.

“We have small class sizes which allows our teachers to work more individually with the students,” she says. “The student isn’t lost here at St. Ann. The student is our top priority.”

That focus on students means children are receiving a good education. Loy says, “I think they’re getting a great education. You want the best for your kids. And I really feel that they get a lot from St. Ann’s.”

But that great education is also a great value for parents. Loy says that St. Ann’s is not as expensive compared to some other Catholic schools.

“I think we have just as much to offer as the next school and we are growing. So I think it is a great value. It really is,” she says.

Bitzer agrees that St. Ann Catholic Elementary School is a great educational value. “I think the great value is that our education is top of the line, but as far as tuition is concerned we’re one of the lower tuitions in the region,” says Bitzer. “It’s a very affordable, great education.”

That great education starts with providing its full-day kindergarten through eighth-grade students with state-of-the-art technology such as a computer lab and a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) lab.

The STEM lab includes robotics equipment. “It’s basically a robotic arm and it correlates to science and math,” Bitzer says. “I think nowadays, more and more they’re using robotics for just about everything, so I think it’s giving our students an edge going into the modern world.”

St. Ann Catholic School has an enrollment of 185 students and a 15-to-1 student-teacher ratio, Bitzer says. In addition to the academic activities, the school also offers after-school enrichment such as sports, band and drama club.

Toss in the Catholic educational aspect of the school and parents like Loy couldn’t be happier.

“The thing I love about [my children] being there is they’re not only learning the math and the science, but they’re learning about religion and God,” says Loy. “And I love that aspect of it.”