A new year always brings, to borrow a line from David Bowie, “ch-ch-changes,” at least for me. I’m a resolution person—I make at least three each year.

I’m never able to succeed at them all, but I’d say I have a one-third success rate. If I can be one-third of a better person, then I call this whole New Year’s resolution thing a win for me.

While my New Year’s resolutions are my own, we’re also making some changes here at Cincy Magazine.

Our goal is to hold at least one event every month in 2015. The feedback we’ve received from Best of the North, Power 100 and more has been tremendous. We’re excited to offer even more of the events that so many of you attend.

We’re bolstering our digital presence. Be on the lookout for something new and different with our website and emails.

We’re also changing the magazine itself.

As you flip through this issue’s pages, you’ll notice that our stories are organized very differently. We’ve gotten rid of the business section, instead integrating the business stories with our features. We’re a magazine for business professionals, and we’re not going to hide that.

That doesn’t mean that we’re no longer covering arts, dining and events; we know that these are still important for you. We’ve just placed more emphasis on our business stories. You’ll still find a substantial arts section.

Our hope is that this new look improves your reading experience. However, we would love to hear your thoughts. What can we do better? Feel free to contact us at cminard@cincymagazine.com to tell us what else we can do to enhance this publication further.

We’re excited for these new endeavors and hope you’ll like them as well.

Fingers crossed that the magazine’s success rate is way better than mine.


Corinne Minard
Managing Editor