The annual Power 100 issue of Cincy is in many ways a look at the region’s leadership. Who is pushing the community to be better? Who has a vision of the Tristate that people want to get behind? Who do people want to follow? Being a leader and being powerful often go hand in hand.

This year, in addition to presenting the list of the 100 most powerful people in the Tristate, we’ve taken a deeper look at leadership itself.

In “Is Cincinnati Innovative?” we introduce the people who are transforming Cincinnati into the innovation-focused city we all know it can be. From the 1819 Innovation Hub to the city of Cincinnati, we talk with leaders who are taking us into the future.

“Building Community” is another story that focuses on ways local people are stepping up to lead. The region’s history of racism reverberates even today, and many African-American leaders are actively working to help communities overcome this. We speak with them about the work they’re doing and their hopes for the coming years.

The people we’ve featured in these stories may not be in the Power 100, but they are nonetheless important leaders who are working to improve the region. We hope you enjoy learning more about them and other influential people in the Tristate in this issue.

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