While many of my family members receive the magazine, my grandfather is the one who reads the issue cover to cover.

Most of my family prefer to find what I wrote before looking through the stories that interest them, but he likes to call me after the issue comes out to talk about the content and my experience putting it together. He’s probably the most opinionated person I’ve ever met (and that includes me!), so it always means a lot to know he enjoys something in which I put so much work.

While he no longer lives in the Tristate, he was here for many years and likes hearing about all of the growth and change we’re experiencing. He may not live here anymore, but I believe he still feels the excitement and energy that seem to fill the city in the pages of the publication.

Looking back at what we’ve covered over the last year, it’s easy find the people, businesses and events that are fueling this seemingly newfound passion for the city. From FC Cincinnati and the Flower Show to the streetcar and the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. interchange, there are lots of things to be excited about.

Heck, I’m excited about this issue. It includes our annual Best Doctors list, but it also features profiles on people who are driving change in the region. Dwight Ferrell, CEO of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, discusses METRO and the streetcar as well as his hopes for the future. Molly North, CEO of Al. Neyer, talks about urban development and the region’s revitalization. And Dinesh A. Saxena of New York Life Insurance Company emphasizes the importance of hard work and perseverance in business. Peter Bronson even takes the time to explore one of Cincinnati’s many treasures: the Cincinnati Art Museum.

I hope reading this issue reminds you about the good that’s happening in the region and gets you excited for 2017. And Grandpa, make sure you call me after you read the issue—I still have more stories to tell.

– Corinne Minard

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