When Cincy’s publisher, Eric Harmon, told the staff and I that he’d like the theme of this year’s Power 100 to be innovation, we were a bit stumped.

What exactly did he mean? The technical definition is the process of introducing new ideas and devices, but this is still pretty broad. And how were we supposed to apply it to power?

Of course, we just needed to take an innovative approach to the topic.

So we didn’t let ourselves confine it to a single sector like technology. We let innovation guide us into several diverse topics for the issue.

Business Editor Mike Boyer and Associate Editor Danny Restivo put their ears to the ground and came up with this year’s list of the 100 most influential business, political and community leaders in the Tristate. There are several newbies this year, but the innovation came when our editors also identified some up-and-comers to watch out for.

Compiling this list inspired our business editor to write a profile on University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono, a man that knows innovation. He delves into the impact of Ono, as well as UC’s innovative programs.

Peter Bronson, on the other hand, decided to take a look at someone using a more old-school approach. His profile of Mayor Cranley explains how his business-minded ways are something the city’s been missing for years. If you think Bronson is looking upon Cranley with too much favor, Don Mooney’s column is quick to point out his current problems.

The theme of innovation even seeped into our Arts & Entertainment section. David Lyman writes about Cincinnati Ballet’s new production, King Arthur’s Camelot, and the work that went on behind the scenes. How do you create an entirely new ballet when most consider it too risky? Lyman looks into the creative choices Cincinnati Ballet made to bring about this production.

On a separate note, this issue marks the 10th anniversary of this magazine’s publication. In a special feature, our editors catch up with the people we’ve covered and our publisher reflects on the history of the magazine. We hope you enjoy taking a look back before diving into our (hopefully) innovative Power 100 issue.