Welcome to the premiere issue of Cincy Home.

March is the “in-between month,” with one snowy foot stuck in winter and one soggy foot not quite in spring. The slush-and-mud month – too late to ski, too early to plant.

Even if you circle March 20 (spring’s official arrival day) on your calendar in red there’s no guarantee that mild temperatures will follow  — especially in Cincinnati where winter has often swept into our river valley as late as April to frost spring’s blooms. The rule of the vernal equinox is sometimes weak.

The only safe path is to use this time to plan for the promise of the warm months ahead.

That’s where Cincy Home comes in.

We want to help you make the most of the season to come. We have a few new plants to brighten your garden: a sun-loving hosta and some greenery that actually thrives in the “in-between” weeks before the mercury starts moving up enough for annuals. You’ll find harbingers of spring, songbirds, to brighten your décor, and tips on adding touches of spring’s palette to your home.

And for those of you ready to move into a living room under the stars, we have a project that will inspire you to make an outdoor escape plan of your own, whether it be a patio and pool or bar and barbecue.

Cincy Home grew from an idea formed by members of the Better Business Bureau, many who serve the home industry. We are honored to have been chosen as their partner in this exciting venture. In fact, our cover story for this issue features the outstanding work of one of their members, Neal’s Design Remodel.

Now, with your subscription to Cincy, you will receive a complimentary subscription to Cincy Home.

So stoke the fire one more time, cozy up and dream about spring . . . and the sunny months ahead.

Make yourself at home.