Could Norwood begin to realize its full potential? We believe so, especially with the impressive redevelopment projects bordering the city. Everyone knows what Rookwood Commons has done for the west side of Norwood. Now watch what's happening to Evanston on the south side. The $100 million Keystone Parke project at I-71 and Dana Avenue is being called "The Gateway to Evanston" by developer Neyer Properties. It features 460,000 square feet of Class A office space, along with expansion and renovation of the Evanston Playfield on the south side of the property.

Meanwhile, the Community Building Institute at Xavier University is moving forward on its project to rejuvenate the Dana Avenue strip between the campus and Montgomery Road, including the old BASF property. Xavier wants to create an attractive, welcoming approach to its campus. The plan calls for academic buildings along with residential, office, retail and entertainment development. In addition, Xavier joined Neyer and First Financial Bank in contributing to the city of Cincinnati's Dana streetscape project between I-71 and Montgomery.

Progress report: super encouraging.