Protecting people’s health and helping them get pain-free without drugs or surgery is the passion of Dr. Kimberly Wells of Wells Chiropractic in Mount Healthy.

As president of Wells Health Care, Wells uses her credentials as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, her postgraduate training at Harvard Medical School and her Backsafe Certification in the specialty field of spinal and skeletal disorders to address a myriad of medical problems. Of special focus are muscle, disc and joint injuries, many caused from car accidents, or work and sports injuries.

Wells, who herself has struggled from chronic pain, has a personal understanding of how pain adversely affects families, productivity and quality of life. Despite being a true believer in the health benefits of chiropractic treatment, Wells saw that it did not always provide pain relief for some patients.

Three years ago, she learned of an FDA-approved computerized treatment instrument that used NASA-developed sensor technology to pinpoint and treat underlying and sometimes hidden causes of muscle and joint pain. Wells brought this technology to Cincinnati and developed a technique called Echo-Pulse Therapy.

"After my center started using this approach, we began noticing a remarkable number of our patients were getting better at an incredible rate like never before," she says. Personally, she also began to live pain-free after using Echo-Pulse Therapy. The treatment, which is without any side effects and is comfortable and safe, was tested in an independent study with over a 94 percent success rate, even with the most difficult muscle and joint pain.

"I can’t tell you how many people’s lives have changed," she says of the results of her pain relief technique.

Outside the office, Wells works to invest in places where she believes her expertise will do the most good. To that end, she has addressed hundreds of groups at no charge, visiting nursing homes, churches, companies and other organizations to train them on health and safety matters. Through the Doctor’s Speaker’s Bureau, she’s advised a wide variety of folks on topics such as stress reduction and back safety. Public school teachers and students alike have benefited from her messages focused on increasing wellness options.

"I am driven to help people before they get into serious pain," Wells says. No-charge screenings help her identify problems before they balloon into larger issues.

Sandra Vogel, founder and CEO of Vogel Class Concepts and a 2006 Athena honoree, notes, "Dr. Wells is a highly intelligent and tenacious woman. She is caring and loving toward her patients and she follows through on their problems until they are resolved." The fact is, Vogel says, "Without her care, many of the women she touches could not go back to their daily jobs … and would require assistance or welfare."

Wells serves as an example and role model to industrious young women, Vogel says. "She proves to them that a woman can succeed in the health care industry and set the pace for the future."

Wells, 38, lives in Colerain Township with her husband Rob and their two children.