Cincinnati suffered 86 homicides in 2006, a modern record, and the killings continued in the first days of the new year. Cincinnati Police Vortex units, focused on drugs and guns, have tallied a number of arrests. Councilman Chris Monzel believes Vortex arrests may cause more homicides by aggravating turf wars among drug dealers who scatter into new territories following those busts. Eventually, he says, those criminals will have nowhere else to run. Really? The good news is 2006 crime statistics indicate downtown is safer than it has been in years (see our Executive Living feature story). But making more Tristate communities vulnerable to random gunplay is not the answer. In October we asked: "Where's the strong, Rudy Giuliani-style leadership and resolve to get a grip on this?" We still want a more encouraging reply from City Hall.

Progress report: crawling toward another record year?