In just a few months, Robert A. Taft II"”known to all as Bob"”will end his second term as Ohio's governor"”and most likely his 30-year political career.

His administration was marred by the political corruption scandals known as "Coingate," and by that one day in 2005 when Taft pleaded "no contest" to four criminal misdemeanors for failing to report some golf outings with lobbyists and assorted gifts totaling about $6,000.

Taft, 64, came from Ohi'™s most historically prominent political family, a great-grandson of a U.S. president and Supreme Court chief justice. Now he wants to remind Ohioans that he still leaves a record of notable accomplishments. With that purpose in mind, the governor recently invited Cincy Business to an exclusive interview. I met Taft in his office overlooking the Scioto River in downtown Columbus.

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