How do you know when you've found the work you were meant to do? When you can spend 16 hours at it, oblivious of time, in total absorption.

This happens to Tate Webb of Red Echo Post, although it comes as no surprise to him. Some time ago, while in college, Webb discovered he was "drawn to sitting in a darkened editing suite for an unnatural amount of hours" doing post-production video recording work.

It's a good thing, since he's convinced that his work is "an endurance profession." When clients"”ad agencies"”come to Red Echo Post to "fix things in post," Webb knows he could be there a while, making meticulous adjustments, additions or deletions to TV spots after they're shot.

Having the technical expertise to execute changes is only one skill required of a video editor. More often than not, Webb does his editing with the presence of an audience of agency people and the director of the video spot. It's his job to please every member of the team.

"At this point, the technical side becomes transparent to the client," Webb explains, adding that the editor needs to be able to understand and respond to people's different concerns: the account manager, the copywriter, the art director and anyone else involved.

Webb points out how the editor has to be able to "respond quickly, and be very accommodating and very willing to explore all the creative options" with each guest in the room. "What's really important for an editor is the ability to read the room."

This approach gives the editor clues to the clients' level of experience and confidence, letting him know how to help accordingly while preserving the client's sense of total ownership of the advertising. The video editor also bears the responsibility of making the experience a great one for clients as he creates advertising that's worthy of its brand, notes Webb, who has become a student and fan of the art of branding.

Working in Cincinnati, "in the shadow of the world's greatest marketer, P&G," Webb notices a trickle-down effect in agencies' branding savvy. For Webb, it's evident when a brand's essence and character have been researched, and all the creative details of the video spot tie back to that brand essence.

Clients of Red Echo Post are primarily regional and national, with a smaller concentration of local and international customers.

Webb likes being the guy who, with one little edit, helps clients see a creative vision come to life. And he's rewarded by interacting with creative people at the top of their game. "I'm in awe. I love to watch people who are great at what they do."