The facade of the Loveland building may give nothing away, but as you walk through the double doors, there is no denying what lies inside: It’s the Costume Castle.

Each of the many rows, flanked on both sides by overstuffed racks of costumes, takes you to the past: garish salon girl garments in ruby red and billowing dresses with complicated necklines that wouldn’t look out of place at a medieval court.

With more than 120,000 costumes crowded into the display room, cramped into the back space, and packed to overflowing in the storage warehouses—not to mention the owner’s basement—the Costume Castle doesn’t just specialize in one thing; it offers clothes, masks, and even wigs from every era in a plethora of sizes ranging from infants to plus.

While it usually supplies clothes for the cast of a play, it also has provided historical outfits for school projects, meetings, traditional Santa Claus suits during the holidays, and for Halloween.

Alice Andolina has owned the store for 25 years and has attempted to keep it up to date with various technologies that give potential customers easier access to the costumes. “Everything’s digital,” she says. Thanks to her son, the store is online and all records are digital, making it easier to keep track of all the pieces.

The website,, allows visitors to scroll through pages of costume choices at their leisure, and even place their order online. Once the order is placed, the staff will track down the costume, pack it, and ship it right to your doorstep where, if you rented it, you keep it for the allotted time and then ship it back.

If you’re looking for that perfect finishing touch, the Costume Castle also stocks theatrical makeup in colors that you wouldn’t normally find. Employees help customers create a new persona, from the top of their wig to the sole of their shoes—at least, until their rental agreement is up.