Four walls and a door, possibly a view, and this is your home away from home, the place you and your fellow employees spend a large part of your waking lives: your place of work. How do you make it yours yet make it functional and maintain a company image?
The good news is that corporate Cincinnati is beginning to welcome all the possibilities.

"The past couple of years it's opened up again. This is one of the most exciting times ever," says Dawn Dutcher Schwartzman, "Chief Imagination Officer" for Enriching Spaces.

From small home offices to huge corporate enterprises, the prospect of changing workspace through moving, construction or renovation can be intimidating. Too often, the people in charge rush through the process, or think they're clever by doing it on the cheap. Schwartzman and other professionals point out there's nothing cheap about buying stuff that isn't used or used well.

"We just came from the Dilbert era," Schwartzman observes, referring to the cartoon that portrays...

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