At a local corporation I won't name, the restrooms are literally a thing of beauty. The stalls shimmer. The porcelain gleams. The row of wash basins radiate a flashy luster. The scent of lilies wafts through the air.

The place is filthy.

In office bathrooms everywhere, beauty can be beastly. If a company restroom smells of perfume, does that mean it's really clean? No, of course not. The proliferation of toilet spices, bowl seltzers, wonder wicks and air fresheners are designed to mislead and misdirect.

If this month's issue of Cincy Business is any benchmark, we care about where we work. Yes, the bricks and mortar, the image conveyed in our office appearance"”from lobby to cubicles to, yes, the toilet"”matters. But perhaps, just perhaps, in our rush to spruce up our corporate suites as "brands," we overlook one tiny thing. Bacteria and germs still exist. We haven't gotten rid of them by plastering every surface with fragrances.

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