The Behringer-Crawford Museum’s freshART event has been a tradition for 28 years. During this annual fundraiser, event attendees are able to watch art created in real time in Devou Park, and then can bid on the pieces later at the gala. The museum has moved the event online this year due to COVID-19, but in doing so it’s found a way to keep the live art aspect intact.

"freshART has become an important annual tradition at BCM and an integral part of our mission of celebrating Northern Kentucky's culture," said Executive Director Laurie Risch in a press release. "Our artists enjoy creating en plein air in Devou Park and displaying their talents, and our guests look forward to the opportunity to acquire unique additions to their collections. We didn’t want to let either group down, so we reimagined freshART."

This year, the one-day event will occur over three weeks, during which BCM will post updates, photo and videos of the artists at work on a new Facebook group for freshART. While attendees won’t be able to walk around the park to see the artists in action, they can still see local artists creating pieces for the auction. Those who like what they see can also place online bids during this time. On Oct. 4, BCM will be hosting a livestream event that will feature the final bidding, information on the artists, video games, prizes and more. More information about the event can be found here.