Can't Touch This

Everyone is trying to get their hands on the new iPad by Apple. It's small, it's light, it's a library, a phone book, a movie screen and a surfboard for the web. It looks like the future. And it's so popular, there have been lines to sign up for a waiting list. It's $499 at the Apple Store at Kenwood Towne Centre, 7875 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati. (513) 791-9866 or

Along Came a Spyder

The new two-seat roadster from Porsche is the Boxster Spyder: mid-engine, six cylinder, 320 hp. Sticker starts at $61,200: Porsche of the Village, 4113 Plainville Road, Cincinnati. (513) 271-3200.

Paddle This

The Quest, made in Canada by Riot kayaks, is wide, designed for recreation. Its short length, under at 9.5 feet, makes it very manueverable. It has foot braces, a rear bulkhead, hatch cover, drain plug and a shock cord for storage. $489 at BJ's Bikes "¢N Kayaks, 6811 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati. (513) 574-9200 or

In the Nick of Time

Give Dad a taste of his youth with a fine Swiss timepiece by Tissot. Starting at $255, a Father's Day gift from the Tissot Retro collection (featured) or the Sport or Classic or Gold collections, is sure to stand the test of time. Available at Yelton Fine Jewelers, 9263 Schulze Drive, West Chester. (513) 860-1750 or

Have a Fit

If clothes make the man, tailored clothes make the man look his best. Custom trousers, shirts, suits and sportcoats can be designed and tailored with the help of a wardrobe consultant at Jeffrey Bartlett Wardrobe Clothiers: 700 Walnut St. Suite 313, Cincinnati. (513) 793-7820; 9525 Kenwood Road Store #14, Blue Ash. (513) 793-3101.