Springtime Is Swing Time

"” Mike Boyer
For Distance
Long considered the leading ball manufacturer, Titleist has introduced a new version of its ProV-1 and ProV-1x ($47.99 a dozen) with a new dual core technology. Davis says the new ProV-1 is designed to travel further, with a softer feel on all shots and greater durability due to a new cover and paint system. To differentiate the new ProV-1s from earlier versions, 2013 is marked on the box.

Spikes or Spikeless
Since Freddie Couples ambled onto the tee at the Masters a couple years ago with turf-gripping nubs on the soles of his shoes rather than traditional spikes, spikeless shoes have become a hot category. Fans say they're more comfortable and can be worn off the course. Ecco offers a BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe ($189.99) in a number of color combinations, featuring lighter and stronger yak leather.

Driver for Show
Challenging industry leader TaylorMade's white driver, Nike's new Covert VRS-1 ($299.99) features a striking candy apple red crown so you look good on the tee even if your swing doesn't. Not to worry, the Swoosh says the Covert is the first cavity-back driver to help hit the ball straighter. A chunk on the bottom of the head, about the size of a golf ball, has been taken out and moved to the sides to reduce the impact of off-center contact. The Covert, like most new drivers, is adjustable, which allows you to choose loft and face angle for more precise control. The tour model has a slightly smaller head and heavier shaft, and costs about $100 more.