Hats Off to Dads

Father's Day June 17 is prime time to get Dad out of that grungy baseball cap he's been wearing since college and into a proper topper. "Baseball caps can be so mundane, and they only protect the nose and face front," says Greta Peterson of The Hansa Guild in Cincinnati's Clifton neighborhood. If Dad's not ready for a full fedora with its 2-1/2 inch brim, she recommends starting with a "stingy brim," a perfect step up from a baseball cap that has a thumb-width brim adding sun protection for ears and neck. 369 Ludlow Avenue, Cincinnati. (888) 289-1161 or www.hansaguild.us

Crown It
Go wild and take on the 2-inch brim. This vented crown style from DPC Dorfman Pacific is made of split palm, $39.90.
Tip it a Bit
The pinched front "mini fedora" is worn with a little tip to the side. This grey/black city version from Broner has a grosgrain ribbon, $27.

All that Jazz
"Pork pie" styles, like this poly straw from Broner hats, is often associated with jazz musicians. This coffee-colored topper has seersucker banding and is usually worn straight and parallel to the ground, $34.