Ahh, Chocolate
Nothing says "I love you" like a gift tin full of fine treats. Haute Chocolate offers a great selection including bow-tied box of chocolates, smooth Buckeyes and Lisa's 2-Pound Original Brownie, garnished with chocolate chips and crème chocolate fudge frosting. 9424 Shelley Lane, Montgomery. (513) 793-9999 or www.hautechocolatecincinnati.com.

Think out of the box or at least on the links for this holiday gift. Golf lessons can improve skills or develop a new hobby. At the Cincinnati Golf Center, single lessons for first-time students start at $38, and packages start at $135. 7630 Columbia Road, Maineville. (513) 459-4653 or www.cincinnatigolfcenter.com.

Laugh Together
Bring out his playful side with a pair of fun boxers from J. Crew. While he struggles at the lingerie counter, the ladies can chuckle through these choices including Yellow Lab boxers. Kenwood Towne Centre. 7875 Montgomery Road, Kenwood. (513) 891-6500 or www.jcrew.com.
Allure of Fur
Add a little drama and Old Hollywood glamour with a luxurious gift from Kotsovos Fur & Fine Apparel. From custom-made coats to tailored vests a' la Rachel Zoe, wrap your fashion-forward femme in something warm and fuzzy this winter. 9501 Montgomery Road, "¢Montgomery. (513) 791-3877 or www.kotsovosfurs.com.

Tasty Poetry
Robert Louis Stevenson once said, "Wine is bottled poetry," so channel your inner Romeo and let conversation flow over a bottle of fine wine from a gift basket from The Wine Store. Savor Bordeaux coupled with creamy Brie or another flavorful cheese. 9905 Montgomery Road, Montgomery. (513) 984-WINE (9463) or www.thewinestore.com.