Charming Accessories

Tiffany keys are stylish and whimsical additions to any jewelry collection. Locally, the iconic jewelry retailer is seeing a resurgence in the popularity of 18-carat yellow gold and rose gold. This necklace, with a mini heart key in rose gold and a heart locket key in yellow gold, is a fitting way to combine different trends into one timeless piece. $300-$675. Tiffany & Co., 505 Vine St. (513) 721-2022 or


Relive the Glory Days

Students are returning to campus this month, but anyone can put a bit of collegiate spirit into business wear. Brooks Brothers' fall collection infuses staples such as sports coats and wingtips with university-inspired Oxford sport shirts ($79.50), chinos ($69.50) and a black satin tie ($75) complete with crests. Now, you look ready to go to the head of the class. Brooks Brothers, 505 Vine St. (513) 651-1800 or

Light My Fire

As fall ushers in a chilly breeze, warm up with an outdoor fireplace. Bromwell's, a Cincinnati institution since 1819, sells and installs luxury fireplaces as well as any accessory you might need. Bromwell's customized the fireplace shown here with a gas burner in a concrete fireplace cavity, complete with crushed and natural lava. Enjoy outdoor dining and entertaining later in the season with a similar creation. Bromwell's, 117 W. Fourth St. (513) 621-0620 or