When the Weather Outside is Frightful

Famous for its dependability in rugged weather, Mercedes-Benz is just the ticket for winter in the Tristate. The all-new 2010 E-Class has been redesigned inside and out with bold styling, innovative technology, leader-of-the-class safety features, and handcrafted luxury that makes you forget the weather outside is frightful. See it today at Mercedes-Benz of West Chester. (5897 Muhlhauser Road; 513-870-1000)

Moore is More

Heather Moore jewelry is recognized as the very best when it comes to personalized jewelry. Each piece is hand-pressed with turn-of-the-century tools and crafted in sterling silver with four colors of 14-karat and 18-karat gold. This collection rates a must-see at The Fig Leaf. (3453 Edwards Road; 513-321-2970)

It's Plasteramic!

It's ceramic... no, it's plastic... no, it's plasteramic. This unique ceramic-looking watch from Yelton's Fine Jewelers is magic: It turns heads as it tells time. Its white dial, stainless steel, rotating bezel and white plasteramic band make it something special. (Yeltons.com; 513-860-1750)