Hit the links with clothes that will keep you cool and comfortable

Are you looking for a new look that might even improve your game? David Reusser, the apparel manager at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Eastgate, says synthetic materials are becoming increasingly popular. “People are finding out that these lighter weight, moisture-managed products are more comfortable and more breathable.” Another benefit of such apparel is that it doesn’t require maintenance like pressing and dry-cleaning. Check out these looks for the green this year, all available at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Kenwood.

Style 1

Style 2

Ask the Professional.
What’s the most common mistake you see golfers make?
I’d have to say tension in the golf swing. You just have to keep the pressure light and make sure there’s no tension in the muscles. Stay nice and relaxed. It’s like that with most other sports as well. Staying loose helps increase the club head speed also. You get a little more distance that way.

What trends do you expect this season?
As far as golf, core fitness programs are the biggest trend right now. Apparel-wise, the performance technical shirts such as Adidas’s ClimaCool® and Under Armour are dominating the market.
Another trend for this year is interchangeable shafts and heads. Callaway is coming out with an i-Mix driver that has different heads and shafts. The benefit is that you can modify the club based on the condition of the course. For example, if the course is wet and you want to carry the ball further, change to that shaft. Another advantage is if you’re changing your swing, you might want a different head or shaft to adapt to your new swing. Your swing changes over time and your club now can change with it.
What do you think is the biggest perk of learning golf as opposed to other sports?
Golf is a very low impact sport and it’s something you can play as you get older. We have active players here in their 80s and one in their 90s. Also, if you walk you get some decent cardio exercise.