The Strive Partnership, Cincinnati Public Schools and the University of Cincinnati are seeking state funding to transform Taft Elementary School in Mount Auburn and Hughes Center in Clifton into Ohio Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) schools.
The STEM program encourages critical thinking across disciplines in grades K-12. The funding will develop STEM programs, train secondary STEM teachers, and develop career opportunities for graduates.

Lawrence J. Johnson, dean of UC’s College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services, says the partners are seeking more than $880,000 in state and in-kind donations for Taft Elementary School, $750,000 of which is sought from the Ohio Partnership for Continued Learning. Strive has submitted a grant proposal to the Ohio Partnership for Continued Learning for nearly $2 million dollars in state funding over two years for Hughes Center, and hopes to raise $900,000 in additional support for the project.

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Wright State University and Miami University signed agreements with Sinclair Community College to offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Sinclair’s Courseview Campus Center in Mason, according to George Sehi, campus executive dean at Sinclair. The two join the UC and the University of Dayton in leasing classroom space there. Wright State will launch its weekend Master of Business Administration program in the fall. Miami University is planning a Bachelor in Integrated Sciences degree and is considering starting a four-year engineering technology program.

Strive awarded a Stage One Endorsement to the Out of School Youth Student Success Network (SSN). SSN is led by Bari Ewing, director of student support services at Cincinnati State, and Barbara Seibel, president and CEO of Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates. There are 37 organizations in the network, formed to address the one in five students who fails to graduate. The network’s objective is to recruit an annual minimum of 700 dropouts and successfully enroll 80 percent of them in an appropriate path towards graduation or its equivalent while tracking progress and retention rates.

Northern Kentucky University’s Entrepreneur Program has partnered with The New York Times Knowledge Network to offer the Women’s Entrepreneurship Institute online through July. NKU designed the courses. Participants can opt for a single segment or the entire range. For more information, visit

For the second year in a row, UC is among 98 U.S. institutions of higher learning that enrolled 20 or more freshman National Merit Scholars. UC enrolled 29 in 2007, bringing the total number enrolled to 117.

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