Located on the banks of the Ohio River, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is home to some of the region’s most educational and poignant exhibits. Visitors can walk through three corridors—named Courage, Cooperation and Perseverance—to learn about the history of slavery from its beginnings to the present day, as well as civil rights movements and leaders in the US and throughout the world who have affected change in their communities.

One such leader is the subject of “Mandela: The Journey to Ubuntu.” The exhibit leads visitors through Nelson Mandela’s beginnings as a South African lawyer, his fight against apartheid, his imprisonment and finally his presidency. Photographer Matthew Willman’s images are used throughout the exhibit, as well as artifacts from Mandela’s life and a recreation of the prison cell he was held in on Robben Island. This exhibit will be open until Aug. 20.

Just outside the Mandela exhibit is a small sitting area where visitors can experience the Rosa Parks story like never before. Using virtual reality technology, visitors can don a headset and headphones, putting them right into Parks’ place on the bus in Montgomery, Ala. Virtual reality allows the wearer to look up at the bus driver and police officer as they demand Parks leave the bus, see the white passengers’ reactions and hear a voiceover describing Parks’ resolve and courage.

Other exhibits include a real slave pen from Mason County, Ky., and an interactive and educational look through the history of slavery and the abolition movement. A modern slavery exhibit teaches visitors about slavery’s many present forms, including sex trafficking and bonded labor, and what to do if they suspect a person is being held in slavery.

As visitors leave the Freedom Center, they pass by a lab called “Open Your Mind: Understanding Implicit Bias.” Here, visitors can take tests designed in partnership with Ohio State University to help them understand the implicit biases they hold and how discrimination manifests itself in today’s society.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, 50 East Freedom Way. M-Sa 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Adults $15, children ages 3-12 $10.50, children under 3 free. 513-333-7500 or freedomcenter.org.